Région :  Vallée de la Marne
Sous-région : Rive Droite
Village : Damery
Date de création du domaine : 1890
Nombre de générations : 5
Certifications : HVE & VDC en cours
Statut : Récoltant Coopérateur

The House

Founded in 1955, Maison Champagne Follet-Ramillon perpetuates the tradition of Independent Winegrowers under the direction of the Follet-Ramillon family.

Jérémy Follet and Yannick Follet are the guardians of the vineyard, while Nicolas Follet , consultant oenologist for 17 years, brings his global expertise, acquired in South Africa, Argentina, the USA and Italy.

The estate, spread over 4.5 ha, embraces the Marne Valley (Belval-sous-Chatillon, Trélou-sur-Marne) and the Montagne de Reims (Villedommange). The vines, exposed South/South-WEST in the Marne Valley and North-East in Villedommange, are specifically adapted to grape varieties such as Meunier , Pinot Noir , and Chardonnay , each benefiting from a terroir which magnifies their characteristics .

The Winemaker

Nicolas Follet , renowned oenologist, is an essential player at Domaine Champagne Follet-Ramillon.

With 17 years of experience and international training, he specializes in the production of sparkling wines in hot climates, an essential expertise in the face of current and future climatic challenges in the Champagne region.

His contribution is manifested in the estate's oenological choices, from natural vinification to barrel aging, highlighting the identity of each plot and grape variety.

Its commitment to eco-responsible practices, the reduction of inputs, and its expertise in tasting guide decisions at each stage of development. Nicolas Follet thus embodies the fusion between tradition and innovation within the field.