Champagnes Days à Hôtel de Dieppe

Champagnes Days at Hôtel de Dieppe

Last November saw the Hôtel de Dieppe, a Norman jewel, transformed into an enchanted place where sparkling bubbles and delicate accords met timeless elegance. Three evenings dedicated to champagne enlivened the premises, offering wine lovers an unforgettable sensory experience.

Evening 1: Mineral Accord and Brilliance of Blanc de Blancs

The first evening opened the tasting festival with a dazzling mineral accord. Fans were invited to explore the harmony between blanc de vins from 5 different winemakers and oysters, creating a symphony of freshness and liveliness. The Hôtel de Dieppe was the scene of a meeting between the salty flavors of the sea and the finesse of the selected champagnes, creating a unique taste experience.

Evening 2: Intimate Master Class with Champagne GAUDINAT-BOIVIN

The second evening was an immersion in the world of champagne with a master class dedicated to producer Champagne, namely the winemaker GAUDINAT-BOIVIN. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to delve into the history, production methods and unique characteristics of the producer's vintages. An intimate experience which enlightened amateurs on the secrets and subtleties of the art of making champagne.

Evening 3: Bubbles in Harmony with Jazz

The third evening offered a complete sensory experience, combining the pleasures of champagne with the intoxicating notes of jazz. Guests were invited to relax and let themselves be carried away by the magic of the music while enjoying a selection of exquisite champagnes. The atmosphere was imbued with relaxed elegance, creating a memorable evening where bubbles and jazz merged seamlessly.


The champagne tasting evenings at the Hôtel de Dieppe last November were much more than just a tasting. They were a celebration of the art of living, elegance and the exploration of sensory pleasures. Each evening offered a unique experience, highlighting the diversity of champagnes and the creativity of gastronomic pairings. For champagne lovers, these evenings will remain engraved as exceptional moments where the magic of bubbles meets art and music. A memorable celebration of refinement at the Hôtel de Dieppe in Normandy.

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